Fast-Acting Tips to Remove the Hillsboro Bats From Your Barrel Tile Roof!

Due to the urban expansion, lots of animals are losing their natural habitat such as the bats. The colonies of bats have been moving to the man-made structures in the residential areas. Bats found in our barrel tile roof are a common situation that can be totally frustrating. The tiny gaps in this type of roof would be enough for them to fit through.

How to Get Rid of the Oregon Bats from the Barrel Tile Roof

Once the bat decided to invade your roof, there are some signs that you will notice. Regular examination of the exterior part of our house is an excellent way to stop the infestation while it is still early. The bats tend to leave stain when entering and leaving their den. There should also be an accumulation of guano close to their den.

Bat Exclusion

The Oregon homeowners who plan to get rid of the bats in their house will have to remain careful. There are types of bats that are protected under the law. Harming them or destroying their roosting place will be unlawful. There are also regulations that prevent you from performing removal especially during the nesting season.  Until the little bats will be able to leave the roosting place, you will have to suffer the adverse effect of their presence. When excluding them, you need to consider the entire roof structure. This will be a laborious process since you want to eliminate their access to the gap below the barrel tile roof.

One way of doing this is by using nets to cover the entire roof. This should be done during the day when the bat has already returned to the den. The nets should be firmly attached on the roof to prevent the animals from escaping. You may attach this using staples or screw. Once they come out of their den to hunt, they will be trapped on the nets.

Sealing the Holes

After removing the Oregon bats, it is time to seal the holes. Doing this will be laborious but it will be very effective in keeping the bats out of our Spanish style roof. You may use wire mesh that you will place inside the gap. You will then add fillers to completely seal the space. You need to consider the possibility that the water may accumulate if you use the fillers on the wrong space.

Bats may be beneficial to our environment since they can help in controlling the population of the insects. They can also fertilize the soil with their guano. Unfortunately, their guano can also carry different diseases and some of them can be fatal. It is important to create an environment that is less desirable to them to guarantee that you will not suffer from a bat infestation. In case you are not familiar with the existing laws, employ the service of the professionals that carry the necessary license and permits to ensure that everything will be done by the book.

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