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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Hillsboro! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Hillsboro, OR. The reactions that people can have to finding out there is wildlife active in their home can be quite varied, and it is perfectly understandable that you may be feeling frustrated or emotional about it. Our team of telephone advisers will listen with patience and compassion to your situation, and can offer some initial guidance as well as arranging one of our wildlife removal experts to visit your home. We know that delays in this work can only add to the stress, so we work hard to ensure the visit is arranged within 24 hours, and is often available on the same day. Your family's safety will be paramount in your thoughts when dealing with these issues, and our experts can offer a sanitization service to eliminate the risk of diseases such as salmonella or histoplasmosis being passed to you and your family. We always look to use the most efficient way of dealing with animal problems, and can offer a tailored solution depending on your situation and your property. Our experts are available at competitive rates, and our wealth of positive online reviews really speaks volumes about how the whole team works hard to offer great customer service. Call us now at 503-664-3930 for your Hillsboro wildlife control needs.

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Hillsboro Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Essential Tips in Trapping the Oregon Fox - Effective and Strategic!

Intelligent, crafty, and persistent are just some of the ways that you can describe the Hillsboro fox. The fox are known to have an amazing adaptability skill and have learned how to exist on various terrains and climates. This is perhaps due to the variety of foods that they eat. They can also survive by simply gathering the leftovers in your trashcan. Once they started causing damages in your property, it is time to get rid of them.

A Complete Guide on Trapping Fox

Due to their intelligence, trapping the Oregon fox can be troublesome. Luckily, with the guide that we will provide to you, you will be able to increase the probability of capturing them. 

Choosing the Trap

To make sure that you will capture the fox safely and securely, you need to be certain that you will choose a sturdy and spacious fox trap. The trap should be extra large. It should be enough to accommodate the adult fox. It should have a length of at least 42 inches and a width of about 15 inches. This size should be adequate to comfortably contain the fox. The material used in manufacturing the trap should be durable. It should at least be made from galvanized steel. You should not disregard the safety of the animal. The edges inside the trap need to be smooth to avoid possible injuries.

Identify the Placement of the Hillsboro Trap

The best position of the trap would be close to the den of the Oregon fox. This means that you will need to determine their den first. This place will usually have more than one exit point. This enables them to escape when there is a threat from the predator. There should also be the smell of ammonia that permeates. They also have a tendency to build their den close to a water source.

Concealing the Trap

Fox are cautious Oregon creature and they will be wary on the new things in their surroundings. It is recommended to conceal your trap that will encourage the fox to interact with the trap. When you are handling the trap, avoid transferring your scent in the trap. Wear gloves all the time even when you are preparing the bait. To be sure, you should sterilize the trap to eliminate any traces of human scent. You should also cover the trap with vegetation to conceal them.

Add Bait

The Hillsboro fox should feel comfortable in feeding in their surrounding before they will be comfortable in eating inside the trap. You should start by placing the bait outside of the trap and gradually move it inside the trap. Once you notice that the fox is already comfortable, you may now place the bait on the trigger plate.

After successfully completing all the necessary steps, it is now time to set up the trap. Be sure that you will check the trap periodically since you don’t want the fox to die from starvation. Some fox are protected under the law and killing them may lead to imprisonment and fines.