Why Repellents Are NOT Effective Against Oregon Flying Squirrels?

People have been using repellents against nuisance Hillsboro creature since they think that it can solve their problem. This may release a powerful odor or a scent of the predator’s urine. There are also deterrents that will release a high-pitch noise and blinding lights. However, experts believed that there are multiple reasons why they will not be effective in driving the creature away. Some of them will even have adverse effect on our health and on the environment. 

Different Flying Squirrel Repellents and Why They Are Not Effective

Let us discuss some of the commercially-available Oregon repellents and enumerate the reasons why they will not be able to solve your flying squirrel infestation. Hopefully, this will help you choose a better solution for your problem.

Hillsboro Spray Repellents

Spray repellents will either contain the urine of the predators or a powerful odor such as capsaicin. While this may frighten the creature for a short time, they will return to your house due to the comfort and the security that it provides. The scent will also immediately evaporate which will require multiple reapplications. Once the creature get accustomed to the scent of the repellent, this product will be ineffective against them. Furthermore, if the scent of the repellent bothers them, they can simply relocate in the other areas of your house.

Oregon Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices are designed to emit high-pitch sounds that are not discernible by the human ears. Since some wildlife creatures have a better hearing capability compared to humans, the manufacturers of these devices claim that their product will cause disturbance among the flying squirrels. Unfortunately, there are not enough studies that will support their claims. Based on a study, the ultrasonic devices can only affect some insects. Even these insects have gradually adapted to the changes in their environment. The nuisance animals on the other hand show no reaction towards the device. The high-pitch noise that it emits will not reverberate on solid surface. This makes it impractical to use on houses with numerous walls.

Mothballs and Ammonia

Mothballs are originally intended to keep our grandmother’s closet free from Oregon roaches and moths. Due to the powerful scent that they emit, some people believe that they will be effective in driving away the pests such as flying squirrels. However, study shows that they will be unaffected by their scent. Mothballs contain paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene that are considered class-A carcinogenic. Ammonia will resemble the scent of the cat’s urine that may startle the squirrel. Just like the spray repellents, the squirrels will return as soon as the odor of the ammonia has dissipated. The scent of ammonia can also cause irritation on our respiratory tract.

When dealing with Hillsboro wildlife creatures such as flying squirrels, you will have to choose the methods that are proven effective. This will help you avoid damages and health risks associated with the animal. There are traps that you can use to capture and release them. There are also exclusion device that only requires proper installation to completely eliminate the creature.

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