Ultimate List of the Best Bait for the Hillsboro House Mouse

An excellent bait should be able to capture the interest of the nuisance Hillsboro creature and at the same time prevent them from collecting it without being trapped. The type of bait that you should use for house mouse will depend upon the availability of the food. In the wild, they will mostly be attracted to nuts and seeds. However, for those who live comfortably inside our house, they will look for foods that are greasy and with high calorie content.

The Top Bait to Use for the Oregon House Mouse

A piece of cheese and seed coated with peanut butter will always do the trick for the house mouse. You may also use beef jerky, marshmallow, and the trigger mechanism of the bait will be activated once they stepped on it. During the nesting season, mice will also collect items that will make their nest comfortable. Adding materials such as yarn and dental floss will be able to attract their attention. Here are other baits that you may use against them.

    Pet Food- specifically the Oregon cat food. The greasy and sweet smell of the pet food will be hard to resist for the mice.

    Nuts and Bird Seeds- In case there is a high availability of nuts and seeds in your area, this may work perfectly against the vermin.

    Hillsboro Chocolate- you are not the only one who love the taste of chocolate.

    Candies and Gumdrops- as we mentioned above, mice and other nuisance creatures will be attracted on the sweet scent.

    Bacon- Avoid using bacon that comes in the jar. You can use the grease of the bacon and coat it on a piece of bread or cracker.

Never Touch the Bait Bare Handed

Mice will sniff their food before they will interact with it. This is to make sure that the Oregon bait will not attract the attention of the bigger predator. The mice can determine the scent of your sweat so be careful when handling them. Be sure that you will wear gloves to avoid transferring your smell on the trap and on the bait. This will also ensure that you will be safe from the diseases that the mouse may carry such as Salmonellosis and E. coli. 

Why You Need to Choose the Right Bait

If you’ve gone through fishing, you will understand that the success of catching Oregon fish will depend upon the bait that you will use. The same theory can be applied on trapping the mouse. Your trap’s efficacy will highly be influenced with your chosen bait. During the winter season, some people use threads as bait since the mouse will collect this to keep their nest warm. Be sure to tie it on the plate trigger to prevent the mice from getting away with it.

Placement of the Hillsboro bait also matters. You will need to pay attention on the location of the trigger plate. The trigger plate is a mechanism where you can place solid bait but some people will succeed in using bait paste. Be sure that the mice will enter the trap far enough when placing the bait.

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